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providing the
necessities of life for all

providing the necessities of life for all


Your Grandmother’s Cupboard is a non-profit organization established by people who recognize the needs of those living in poverty. They envisioned it as a means of providing the homeless and others living in poverty with clothing and common items they need to maintain good health and hygiene but often can’t afford.



Gathering Places

Your Grandmother's Cupboard has 20 other locations throughout the state, that provide clothes and toiletries to local churches and food banks.

Toms River

173A Route 37 West
Toms River NJ 08755


of the New Jersey population is living in poverty
0 %
highest forclosure rate in the U.S. is New Jersey
0 th
children and adults are homeless in New Jersey

Based in two locations in New Jersey (Toms River and Phillipsburg), Your Grandmother's Cupboard volunteers collect, sort, and distribute clothing, coats, blankets and personal care items to over 2,500 people per month. Our board members ensure that as many people as possible are helped with open arms, by providing support from local businesses as well as their own.

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Clothing Items

Coats I Shoes I Socks I Hats I
Scarves I Gloves

Hygiene Products

Soap I Deoderant I Shampoo I Toothpaste I Toothbrush I Combs I Hairbrushes I Disposable Razors I Toilet Paper

Children's Essentials

Blankets I Sleeping Bags I Diapers I Baby Products I Books I Toys I Games


Recently a woman we’ll call Carol, entered Your Grandmother’s Cupboard upset that she did not have the money to purchase warm clothing for her two young children and was hoping we would at least have a couple of jackets she could take home. She and her two young boys were living in a room at one of the motels along Route 37, and now the weather was changing. Her friend, who told her about the Cupboard and the fact that everything was FREE, inspired her to come and see if we had anything her family could use.

Much to her delight, Carol was able to browse through tubs of clothing filled with boy’s pants and shirts, socks, winter hats and gloves and even underwear. She could not believe her eyes. She filled up two large bags, one for each of the boys, along with warm winter jackets and boots, and then was able to find several items for herself, even a new coat which she desperately needed, but knew she could never afford. Carol left with a big smile on her face and said she would definitely be back next month.